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LED light snowboard: Run with Style and Safety

Talking about the smart LED light Snowboard Pad

LED light snowboard: Run with Style and Safety

Picture 1. Blizzard LED

Why settle for a standard descent when you can light up the slopes with an LED light snowboard? This revolutionary accessory is designed specifically for American and European snowboarding enthusiasts. This LED device takes your snowboarding to a whole new level by allowing you to display dazzling light patterns right under your feet in real time.


Beyond Aesthetics: A Commitment to Safety

But "Blizzard LED" is not just about adding flair to your snowboard; it's an innovation engineered for safety. The device's light settings are meticulously adjusted to prevent daytime glare while enhancing visibility in the dark.

Equipped with a gyroscope and speed and pressure sensors, the LED light snowboard also allows you to monitor your ride dynamics, set visual speed warnings, and navigate your descent safely.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The LED device is an amalgamation of advanced technology, featuring a flexible overlay embedded with 1,000 light-emitting diodes and over 50 lighting modes. The central unit houses lithium batteries, internal storage, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

All these features can be easily managed through a mobile application built on the React Native framework. The application lets you customize your LED board's lighting and provides valuable statistics about your ride.

Inside of the LED light snowboard

Picture 2. Inside of the LED light snowboard

Small Size, Big Performance

Weighing in at just 700 grams and compatible with small and medium boards, "Blizzard LED" is discreet yet impactful. It is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to scorching heat, and offers robust resistance to moisture and minor impacts. The only precaution? Please keep it away from sharp objects.

Expand Your Brand with LED light snowboard

Moreover, the LED light snowboard allows for brand promotion and customization. You can sell your animations or use them as a unique identifier among a sea of snowboarders. With features like gamification and synchronized light displays for racing, it also adds a fun, competitive element to your rides.

If friendly competition is your thing, "Blizzard LED" offers gamification features allowing synchronized light displays during races, accurately measuring board angles, speed, and movement to bring a whole new dimension to snowboarding contests.

The usage of the LED board in winter

Picture 3. The usage of the LED board in winter


From its eye-catching visuals to its intricate safety features and beyond, the LED board is nothing less than a revolution in snowboarding technology. Offering a unique blend of style, safety, and tech-savvy brilliance, it promises to make every ride an unforgettable adventure.

Check our YouTube channel to watch the visualization of device work.


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