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Room flooring replacement designer with AI technology

Transform Your Home Renovation Experience with Our AI-Driven Flooring Replacement Solution

Room flooring replacement tool with AI technology


Choosing the perfect flooring for home renovation can be a daunting task. Traditional methods of relying on imagination, swatches, and costly subscriptions to limited design platforms can be frustrating.

However, with our AI-powered Room Flooring Replacement tool, you can eliminate guesswork and be confident in your choices. Our simple yet powerful tool is designed to inspire you, make the process effortless, and save valuable time and money resources.


How It Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Photo Upload: Upload a photo of the room you want to renovate.

  • Choose Your Texture: Select a sample of the new floor texture that catches your eye.

  • Set the Angle: If needed, set the rotation angle for the texture.

As soon as it's finalized, you'll receive a realistic, digitally rendered image of your room with your new floor selection. This lets you visualize how different colors, textures, and sizes will interact with existing elements in the room.

 Input and output for room flooring replacement algorithm

Picture 1. Input and output for room flooring replacement algorithm

Technical aspect of a solution:

On the back end, our flooring replacement tool leverages convolutional neural network like the Xception model for semantic segmentation and OpenCV for contour detection. These technologies are integrated seamlessly to analyze your uploaded room photo, segment out the existing flooring, and replace it with the new texture—all from the correct perspective.

The original image and the scene segmentation outputs

Picture 2. The original image and the scene segmentation outputs

Flooring segmentation mask and the results of contours detection

Figure 3. Flooring segmentation mask and the results of contours detection

Additional Features:

Our solution goes beyond the texture replacement. It incorporates advanced features such as Gaussian Blur and LAB colorspace and complex algorithms like the Douglas-Peucker method to determine the perfect angle for your new flooring. This creates a more authentic look and feel by containing natural lighting and shadow effects.

Industry Applications:

With our API-based integration flooring manufacturers can now effortlessly promote their products.

The integration ensures that constructors can focus on their core competencies while enjoying the benefits of seamless product promotion.

Future Updates:

In the near future, we are planning to develop an extended version with the ability to replace walls, doors and kitchen facades.


Get a Demo:

We offer the tool as an API and are happy to provide a live demo. To make a request, please get in touch with us here.

You can also check the demo recording on our YouTube channel.


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