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R&D Center WINSTARS.AI  is a community of engineers, developers, and dreamers, for whom what we do is not just a job but a part of life. By implementing state-of-the-art technology we help the world become better, more efficient, and secure.
Progress is driven by achievements. Therefore we strive to enable as many projects as we can, so they can find their way to reality.
We do this by creating our products and supporting others on this path.


Planet Earth is nothing more than an object we humans use to surf through space. It has its resources, conditions, and vulnerabilities. It is also a part of a bigger world called the Universe. All mankind is like a crew on this space vehicle and our goals are - to maintain it in a good state, use it for our comfortable living, and secure our existence by expanding to other planets.

For more than 7 years we see all our partners, colleagues, and teammates as members of the same crew working for the same goals.

Winstars team members Yurii Humenchuk and Dimitriy Sofyna
Winstars Data Science center team members


Every new product or technology created for the benefit of people is a reason to celebrate. The more impact it makes - the more significant the party is.

We also do our best to stay ahead by working on the most ambitious and exciting projects. This is what drives us and gives us energy and passion.

We are the doers who seek the best solutions until they become a reality.


Winstars CTO Konstiantyn Isaienkov
Winstars CEO Dmitriy Sofyna
Winstars CCO Yuriy Humenchuk


Kostiantyn Isaienkov


Dmitriy Sofyna


Yuriy Humenchuk

AI enthusiast with 9 years of experience in developing DS and ML solutions, including CV and NLP. Professional in building end-to-end solutions starting from an understanding of business requirements and ending with deploying ready-to-use systems. Has Grandmaster rank on Kaggle platform.

Entrepreneur and public person. CEO at Vinnytsia IT Association. Author of IT industry development strategy for Vinnytsia region. Initiator of building a Technology Park for IT specialists and creating an Incubator of Vinnytsia Innovations.

More than 20 years international experience in marketing and finance. 
Worked with Pharmaceutical, Construction and Agricultural industries. Speaks English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Winstars COO Oleksandra Yefremova
Winstars HR Generalist Aylin Gezgin
Winstars PR Manager Dariia Nyshporska


Oleksandra Yefremova

HR Generalist

Aylin Gezgin

PR Manager

Dariia Nyshporska

Doctor of Philosophy, Speaker and Life Coach, Seniorita Quality Assurance Expert, Candidate of Economics. Her motto: "By loving - win!"

HR Manager, IT Recruiter Handle a full scope of HR internal processes Cover the candidates hiring flow. She wants to make your work as much wonderful as she promised on interview

Main generator of ideas and leader of non-technical projects. Has a journalistic education and lecturing experience. So her critical thinking helps in developing strategies for the brand and its products.


We position ourselves as a team that always monitors both the development of each member and the general status of the company. We do not stop, there are no unattainable goals for us.

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