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How to detect mastitis quickly and effectively

How to explore raw cow milk twice as fast with M-LAB

How to explore raw cow milk twice as fast with M-LAB


New way in exploring of raw cow milk twice as fast with a portable milk laboratory

Mastitis has long been a major issue in modern dairy farming, causing significant financial difficulties for farmers. In the United States, this infectious inflammatory disease can result in substantial losses, amounting to $2,000 per affected cow annually. The conventional diagnosis process is both time-consuming and allows for further spread of the infection while transporting samples to remote laboratories.

To address this problem, R&D Center Winstars and the Association of Dairy Producers of Ukraine has developed a solution called M-LAB. It is a pioneering portable microbiological laboratory that uses the power of artificial intelligence to diagnose mastitis. This technology can rapidly identify the disease on-site without transporting samples to remote laboratories.

Real-time AI Mastitis Diagnostics

Farmers no longer have to wait 1-2 days for critical results, thanks to the milk lab. The system uses a series of electron microscopes to capture detailed images of milk samples, which are then processed by a neural network. This network can identify various milk diseases within 4-12 hours with an accuracy rate of up to 90%.

The development of M-LAB

User-Friendly Mobile Integration

Mastitis real-tile lab, also known as M-LAB, offers a user-friendly mobile integration to complement its hardware. The mobile application has been designed using the React Native and Vue frameworks to provide a seamless experience. The app is compatible with Android 5.1 and above and connects to M-LAB via Bluetooth.

Mastitis real-tile lab

Building Trust Through Quality Assurance

M-LAB is more than just a diagnostic tool that can monitor cattle health in real time. It's a statement of the farmers' commitment to delivering the highest quality milk. When health issues are detected and addressed promptly, it bolsters consumer trust and underscores the farm's dedication to quality.

Cost-Effective & Preventive Approach

M-LAB is not only about mastitis diagnosis but also about prevention. With its efficient and accurate diagnosis mechanism, portable milk lab can significantly minimize the costs of treating infected cows.

Moreover, the quick diagnosis can prevent the spread of infections, ensuring the well-being of the entire herd.



As a result, M-LAB has vast potential in the farming industry. Combining advanced technology with the urgent needs of the dairy industry offers a solution that prioritizes quality and efficiency. For farmers, this means healthier cattle, reduced losses, and a boost in consumer trust — a win-win for all.

To watch a visualization of a portable milk lab, check our YouTube channel.


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