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investigation of your business opportunities


Investigate opportunities to increase profits

All your data and previous company experience can be turned into exact and precise business forecasts! By streamlining the interdependencies between customer feedback, market trends, and available team resources, Winstars experts use Machine Learning so that you no longer waste your time on unnecessary research and team brainstorming. For example, we can efficiently train a computer to predict when and where your products sell best or the worst. This way, we help startups and E-commerce companies expand faster, more productive and efficient on the market.


Optimize work

The Winstars team analyzes your company's work pattern. It identifies the key areas that occupy the most human resources but have low efficiency. With the help of Computer Vision and Neural Networks technologies, we have already helped large businesses in Medicine, Agronomy, and Energy spheres to reduce staff costs and research time for working on raw materials. For example, one of our solutions for Medicine companies allows doctors to detect the progress of blindness at the earliest stages, increasing the likelihood of faster and more successful treatment.

optimization of working processes
Winstars team strengthen data security


data security

Data Science technologies allow you not only to recognize typical behaviors and actions in your system but also to identify failures with great accuracy by processing and visualizing relevant data. Our similar developments include a module that provides automatic verification of Identity Documents in real time, protecting customer data and ensuring compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) / AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.


your customer

Sometimes Google Analytics tools provide only a superficial assessment of user behavior with your product or service. At Winstars, we combine these results with other data sources to find interdependencies between your customers' habits, characteristics, preferences, likes and dislikes. Based on this data, you can build a strategy to strengthen the brand image and increase profits of your company. If necessary, we can provide you with expert consultations from a full-time Winstars business analyst.

Winstars understands our customers
Winstars measures your team performance


Measure team performance

For different businesses or startups, we offer an optimization of the HR and recruiting process with the help of the early-created Data Science module. By analyzing LinkedIn profiles, social networks, and job search resources, the Winstars team will be able to train the system to process large amounts of data to find candidates that fully meet your company's needs. In addition, digitization and simplification of skill control of existing employees will be helpful for the Human Resources department. Our Austrian clients have already tested a similar solution.


Quickly strengthen
your team

For small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for startups, the professional Winstars team offers help in finding and managing your employees or even entire teams! Such a service saves our clients time and money spent on finding and hiring temporary staff, renting workplaces, etc. While we ensure a stable workflow, you can focus on strategic planning, sales, or network establishment. You can learn more about Winstars services here.

team meeting in Winstars

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Write to us, and in the near future we will contact you and agree on the time and method of consultation.

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