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R&D Winstars Technology`s  Statement On Situation In Ukraine

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Ukrainian Flag

On February 24, 2022, a new stage of the russian-Ukrainian war began, which the russian federation had been waging for 8 years. This time the enemy fully deployed its troops from the East and South of Ukraine - now these territories suffer the most.


In addition to human losses, which is undoubtedly the greatest grief for us, Ukrainian business has also experienced difficulties:

Ukrainian customers have suspended their development, and foreign customers are extremely concerned about the efficiency of Ukrainian specialists.


The IT industry is the third-largest in Ukraine, with about $ 44 billion in taxes paid last year alone. And a strong economy at this time means a strong army!


Winstars Technology R&D will tell in more detail how our company works now and what modern IT entrepreneurs face.


Support as part of the Vinnytsia IT Association

Well-established workflow

Communication with clients

Help employees

The situation in our region is calm

Mobilization and its impact on our employees

Office in Austria



Our company is an active member of the IT-VN Association. From the first days of the war, we joined the collection of humanitarian aid and support of the Armed Forces, gathered its cyber army in Vinnytsia, and conducted DDoS attacks on enemy sites. We also donated part of our office to the needs of resettlement companies from hotspots.


The developers of our company voluntarily joined and, in a few days, created an automated platform to help with the search for housing, transport, or humanitarian needs "HELP UA," which now operates throughout Ukraine.


Despite the fighting, Winstars Technology R&D continues to operate normally and provide customer service.


Key employees continue to work full time, some of whom we have transferred to part-time. Although some of our employees work from home, they are safe and continue working on powerful work equipment. Our office operates in a coworking format for those who miss live communication. We even order fruit and cookies for coffee breaks and small team building.


We have also recently installed a Starlink satellite communications system to eliminate the risk of disruption. Day after day, we do our best to maintain a typical workflow to prove that nothing can affect the quality of our services.


We are indescribably grateful to all customers who have expressed their support for Ukraine. This proves once again that we work with sincere and conscious business partners.


As we have already mentioned, part of the Ukrainian business, including some of our customers, is currently frozen, so we have the resources to start new promising projects and support the Western market as it supports us.

We are currently focusing our expertise on Data Science and continue to recruit. We are always open to new initiatives, so if you have an idea, we will be happy to receive your letter at


We value the physical and mental health of each employee and the people they care about.

At present, each of our employees is in a safe place outside of active hostilities. We made sure that in addition to the technical support, everyone could express an opinion that worries him. That's why we hold weekly F2F meetings with each employee and do not forget to distract from everyday life with corporate teams.


In addition, we ensure every employee feels financially secure, so even for those who have stopped working, we find alternative tasks or send in paid day-offs.


Our office is located in Vinnytsia, which is quite far from hostilities. Therefore, the situation in the city is relatively calm. Air sirens sound periodical, but territorial defense is established, so Vinnytsia residents can operate normally. Vinnytsia is the 6th city in terms of the number of IT specialists in Ukraine, and last year it was included in the TOP-3 ranking of the most comfortable cities for IT specialists. The city has many juniors and middle-aged professionals, and green sleeping areas surround the office space. 

In addition, Vinnytsia borders the Republic of Moldova. It will take an average of 4 hours to cross the border in an organized manner.

Ukrainian map

Our company always has a BCP  in case of emergencies. Copies of all documents and developments are stored in cloud storage, and all personal data is protected.


On February 25, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on total mobilization in Ukraine.

The mobilization reserve includes conscripts who graduated from military departments of the university as reserve officers and were not called up in previous waves of mobilization.

The state reserve includes citizens between 18 and 60 with no physical restrictions on conscription. However, it can be called up to military formations only during a special period (the worst-case scenario of a full-scale war).


So far, only 2 of our employees have volunteered for territorial defense, but remain in reserve. More than 90% of employees fall under only the last wave of mobilization


We have made sure that key employees, instead of serving in the Armed Forces, perform their tasks on the country's cyber front. To this end, we have agreed with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The probability that the company will be left without experienced specialists is minimal. At the same time, their involvement in commercial projects, although not fully, remains.


In addition to the main office in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, we have a representative office in the Austrian technological city of Graz, so we always have a "Plan B" to continue a stable work process, foreign exchange, and technical support, and more.


Today, Ukraine is forced to be a "living shield" between Russia's aggression and Europe. Despite the difficult situation, insubordination is flowing in the veins of our people. Only in the history of their independence have Ukrainians constantly proved to the world that it is the will of the people that is our democracy. Winstars Technology R&D continues to fight the enemy, primarily by holding the Ukrainian IT business. We believe that society will become even more powerful and proactive after our victory. We thank everyone for their support in all its manifestations.


You can help the Armed Forces here:

Suggest a project or send a resume to  Winstars Technology R&D:


Together we will hold the economy to hold Ukraine!

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