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Robot for cleaning solar panels



1. Dust on solar panels reduces their efficiency by 50%;
2. Using human labor to wash the panels costs $ 10 to $ 35 per square foot;
3. Solar panels should be cleaned once a week so that they do not impair the efficiency


AI with Computer Vision, Hardware & IoT

The uniqueness of our work is:

- the opportunity to work without a person;
- work at night on a single battery charge;
- automatic charging per day;
- clever use of water (mixing with air and spot spraying);
- weeding & cleaning of snow or sand. And it's all one device

AI and Software components to grow up your business

Our next steps:

1. Complete of MVP version;
2. Complete work on AI algorithms and autopilot;
3. Creating manipulators for cleaning

AI and Software components to grow up your business


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