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Research of chemical composition of substances



The customer wants to create an energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer on a self-propelled unit for measurements in the field


Hardware, SolidWorks, Altium Designer, Zemax OpticStudio, STM32 Cube Programmer, Quartus II

How it works

Consumers have access to the device via Ethernet. All the main functions of management, control, data collection, and configuration are performed using special software developed for Windows / Ubuntu.
The device is designed to measure the composition of a wide range of substances in solid or liquid states, including those with high temperatures, such as liquid cast iron or slag.

AI and Software components to grow up your business


The device allows to continuously measure the chemical composition of the material, such as liquid cast iron, at the outlet of the blast furnace for further processing, which will significantly improve the quality of products.

AI and Software components to grow up your business


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