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The algorithm for detection of diabetic retinopathy



Detect and prevent Diabetic Retinopathy by developing a solution to detect referable disease using photographic images of the eye fundus through the ML\AI algorithm.


Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Python, AWS

How it works

The dataset of retinal fundus photographs that are taken to screen for Diabetic Retinopathy will be used to train a deep neural network to detect the disease. Photographs of the retinal fundus can be taken anywhere – from optic retailers to pharmacies – by non-medical staff to be further uploaded to the system for diagnosis.

The algorithm will make early detection and prevention of diabetic retinopathy easily accessible for all.

AI and Software components to grow up your business


Early detection and timely treatment of diabetic retinopathy.
Increased efficiency of a doctor’s performance through freeing up time that is otherwise invested in conducting routine screenings.
Higher appointments for patients with screen-positive results who require treatment more urgently.

AI and Software components to grow up your business


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