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International business design and innovation competition for engineering teams powered by R&D Center Winstars, The University of Akron, Civitta, The synergy of Computer Vision & Satellite Data for solving the socially important challenges of the 21st century. Currently, the project is at the stage of researching the main challenges and collecting ideas for specific tasks in the fields of Agriculture, Infrastructure, Government.


We are looking for 40 of the most enthusiastic teams (20 from the USA and 20 from Ukraine).
The groups can have up to 5 members. The program is free to apply for!

Participate if you are:
- An IT company employee.
- An engineering or computer university student.
- Just a fan of artificial intelligence.

*Registration details for participation will be coming soon.


1. Submit names and contact info of 3-5 team members.
2. Multidisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged!
3. Download the brief and craft a proposal according to the problem description and instructions.
4. Submit one proposal per team via email.
5. The top -12 teams will be invited to a 2-day virtual competition!

Challenges we offer to solve:
Data can be used to assess the efficacy of farming systems and identify possible impacts on global food security.
Through timely analysis, oil reserves, power outages, crisis management, pipeline protection, and renewable energy can all be automated.
Localities and states use satellite and aerial maps, e.g., to realize the contents of their areas, such as taxation, public works, and general security apps.

*Specific challenges and technical tasks will be posted on the website in due course


The Participants will have a great opportunity to:
- Visit workshops from top-tier experts in digital, AI/ML, design, business, sales, and marketing;
- Gain access to investors;
- Meet corporations to discuss potential collaborations;
- Take part in personal coaching sessions with top business and technology experts;
- Expand networking;
- Present the solution to international investors & win cash prizes!

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