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The event has expired


Do you have an idea for developing specific robotic solutions? Come and get ready. Nope? Everyday problems, take your fate, listen to the speakers, come to the team, chat with your fellow thinkers, take a breath and win prizes.


Robotics Idea Garage teams can have up to 7 members, and the best teams can have 1-2 non-technical members (design, marketing, pitching). Also, if you are not a technician, do not
hesitate, register, and know the team!

Ideally, the team can have:
➜Project manager
➜ Agro Specialist
➜ Specialist in robotics
➜ Designer


Interactive lectures, brainstorming, and mastery presentations. The meeting will last about 4 hours; participants will work online


This event focuses on generating ideas for specific robotic solutions. Participants listen to the essence of the task, get additional valuable practices, and for the whole day of work, must present their decision. The best will receive prizes! :)

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