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The value of AI in healthcare is substantial and continues to grow as technology advances. AI has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of patient care, healthcare services, research, and administrative processes.

In view of this, our R&D Center is conducting a survey among medical professionals to gather your thoughts and opinions on AI, as well as your first-hand experience with it.


The survey is open to participation for healthcare professionals, who play a crucial role in protecting people's lives and health. Regardless of your specialization, position, or experience, your thoughts and ideas about AI matter a lot.


Accessible through a provided link, the survey is easy to engage with and will only take approx. 5 minutes. We greatly appreciate your time and input and look forward to your thoughts.


After completing our research, we will share the findings with you and our community. Your involvement empowers us to explore how AI can improve healthcare.

Your contribution to the survey is important, regardless of your experience in AI. Please press the 'Take Part' button to participate and improve AI services.

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