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The event has expired


Data Science Workshop for Vinnytsia IT specialists. Who said a day off couldn't be a productive day? At our Saturday workshop, participants effectively and practically pumped their skills, talked, shared experiences, and just had a great weekend.


Participants of our workshop have different ages, social statuses, and work. However, they are united by one area of ​​interest - Data Science. Therefore, at the workshop, participants shared knowledge and experience


The workshop started at 11:00 and ended at 13:00. Participants also had time for a coffee break during training. Topic: А brief introduction to satellite image processing for computer vision tasks


Eleven participants studied for 2 hours, talked, shared experiences, and just had a great weekend. Our speaker clearly explained the structure and helped the participants to understand the problematic points. Our team also was always there - we set up all the equipment and supported us during the workshop.

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