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Internship from R&D Center Winstars. We open an internship for Data Science in November. It will be a 3-month training which includes preparation of an actual project with a mentor, support in Telegram chat, obtaining a certificate, and the possibility of paid internship and employment in the future.


We are looking for ambitious participants. The maximum number of candidates for international training is ten people. Suppose you are interested in Data Science and ready to devote 20 hours a week to exercise. In that case, we are waiting for your application.


The internship program consists of 5 stages:
Selection based on a test task.
Interview with HR and technical experts.
Distance self-education.
We are performing a practical task during the internship.
Final assessment of the results of the practical task, soft skills, and the level of subject knowledge in the competition format.
The internship will last three months, total employment - of 20 hours a week.


The internship provides an opportunity to learn pump skills and improve data science knowledge. Successful program completion allows us to get paid training in our company for 3 to 6 months (Trainee), with further employment.

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