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The author's course by Dmytro Sofyna, founder of the R&D Center Winstars and head of the Vinnytsia IT Association, includes a month of active participation. The system will take place online, so participation is not limited to a country or city.


The course is recommended for senior students and law graduates who are interested in further work in IT;
assistants to notaries and lawyers who want to develop;
accountants looking for additional and related professions;
managers of small IT teams and startups who need to organize the company's internal activities;
employees of the IT industry who want to move to a new level;
professionals who want to move to work in the IT industry, but programming is not for them.


There will be weekly lessons for a month. Each class lasts 1.5 hours + practical homework at the end of each lesson.


As a result, participants will be able to work in IT or additional and related professions, organize the company's internal activities, and become a switchman - to work in the IT industry, but without programming.

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