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Now we are opening the Data Science Internship this summer! Participants will have three months of training and work on in-house projects as part of their qualification for further work at R&D Centre WINSTARS.AI

Last day of applying: July 29


We are looking for ambitious and interested participants who want to learn new things quickly. The maximum number of candidates for the internship is three people. Each participant should spend about 20 hours a week studying.

Every intern will have a mentor - the Data Scientist with 5+ years of practical experience.


The internship will take place online. First, there will be an introductory meeting where the participants will get to know each other and the mentor and learn about the Skill Evaluation program, the scope of work, and the project. Further communication will occur in the chat, where we'll publish tasks.


After the training, the most talented participants will receive a full-time paid position in our company, and develop skills further by working on real-world AI projects, including Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, and more.

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